World Day of Remembrance

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World Day of

Remembrance is

  • The ability to connect with the power of thought
  • The subtle communication of a loving heart
  • A vivid vision of the invisible

World Day of Remembrances for Road Traffic Victims is

  • An opportunity to offer solace to the departed souls
  • A day to empathize with the bereaved families
  • A day to salute those who regularly handle post-accident scenarios
  • A time to dedicate precious moments to express that we Value Life
  • A silent, yet profound acceptance of the pressing need for Change
  • An occasion to pledge for positive change, beginning with the self
BK Road Safety

Offering Peace and Power on

On WDR, Brahma Kumaris centres worldwide observe the day through collective meditation and other public events.

This day coincides with the International Meditation Hour observed from 6.30 to 7.30 pm on the third Sunday of every month by Brahma Kumaris.

This hour is earmarked for special meditation for victims and survivors of road crashes.

By meditating collectively, thousands of individuals, who practice Rajyoga meditation, contribute the power of their elevated thoughts and pure feelings to all victims and survivors of road crashes worldwide.

They create a vision of safer roads, strengthened the resolve for practical action and also radiate feelings of courage, hope, compassion and forgiveness.

Special events are organised at various cities in India, and internationally at Mauritius, South Africa , Guyana, Suriname, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Kazakhstan, Australia, UK, Ireland, Spain, Curacao and USA.