Global Road
Safety Week



Global Road Safety Week (GRSW) was held on 8th to 14th May, 2017 as declared by the United Nations Road Safety Collaboration.

Under the project ‘Safety through Spiritual Life Skills’, the Brahmakumaris observed the GRSW 2017 largely by the use of electronic media in addition to the on-field educational and awareness raising activities.

During GRSW, thousands of people across the globe received E-mailers, specially designed in-house by the Brahma Kumaris and where urged to post their feedback too.


The Global Road Safety Week Campaign by Brahma Kumaris titled ‘SaveKidsLives’ completed successfully.

Brahma Kumaris worldwide collected great support for this cause. Key highlights of the Brahma Kumaris participation in the campaign have been 85,830 Child declaration supports collected from 73 countries and outreach events which have been reported from 5 countries namely Mauritius, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, Sri Lanka and India.

Kindly Click Here to find the detailed report.

We trust you will enjoy reading the report, especially watching the art work of children from Kazakhstan!


Global Road Safety Week (GRSW) was held between 6th to 12th May, 2013.

Below Regionwise Conducted Programs:


A special public programme was organized in observance of the Global Road Safety Week at Rajnagar hall on 5th May. The theme of the programme was 'Pedestrian Safety'.
Some of the important dignitaries who attended this programme included:

  • Dr. Maheshbhai Joshi (Chairman - Economics in Saurastra University),
  • Bro. Hasubhai Dave (Vice chairman - Mahatma Gandhi charitable Trustee),
  • Bro. J.V.Shah (R.T.O Inspector)


Three training programmes were organised at Drivers Training Institute of Ashok Leyland in Delhi. 115 drivers benefited from this programme.
At DTI, Delhi: BK Om Prakash Yadav, BK Swati, BK Renu, BK Rajkumari, Bro AK Agarwal - GM DTI & others
At DTI, Delhi: BK Om Prakash Yadav, BK Swati, BK Renu, BK Rajkumari, Bro AK Agarwal - GM DTI & others


The emailers on Road Safety were widely circulated to thousands of people. Also, the Road Safety Quiz programme was organized for the second time at Nokia, India.