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Services offered to State Transport Corporations

Every state in India runs its own State Transport Corporation. These STCs run the wide network of government owned public bus services in every state. The Brahma Kumaris centres across India have reached out to a number of State Transport Corporations and in many locations, regular training programmes are organised. The Brahma Kumaris are also invited as guest faculty at many STCs. Sessions conducted include themes like:

  • Stress Management
  • Overcoming Anger
  • Building Harmonious Relationships
  • Healing Addictions
  • Technique of Meditation

Some glimpses of these services are provided here:

Nagpur, 05 Sept 2013:

MSRTC ropes in Brahma Kumaris for enhancing driver safety and performance through a spiritual approach

MSRTC has always welcomed the services of Brahma Kumaris for improving employee performance and organisational effectiveness. Currently, MSRTC has planned to hold detailed training sessions to cover all their driving staff across the state. This mainly includes sessions on Stress Management, Safety and Healing Addiction. The second such programme was organised at Nagpur, graced by Bro. Jeevanrao Gore – the Chairperson of MSRTC, the Regional Manager Bro. Surakant Ambedkar and the Divisional Controller Bro. Rajiv Ghatole. BK Raksha conducted this two-hour training programme that was attended by 15 officers and 80 driving staff.

Shevgaon, Maharashtra, 23 - 25 Aug 2013:

MSRTC flags on a training programme to help drivers learn skills to relieve stress, enhance safety and holistic health parameters

MSRTC (Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation) and Brahmakumaris had this year jointly planned to hold a two-day training programme to be progressively conducted for all their driving staff in Maharashtra state. The Senior Management of MSRTC has shown very keen interest in taking this significant step. The aim is to help their driving staff discover their inner strengths and learn the skills to enhance physical, mental, emotional and social health. This two day training programme includes interactive sessions on the following themes:

  1. Building Harmonious Relationships
  2. Rajyoga Meditation
  3. Team Building Activities
  4. Healing Addictions
  5. Stress Free Living
  6. Safety through Spirituality
  7. Enhancing Will Power

The first such programme was held at Shevgaon. 30 drivers underwent this two-day training. The Chairman of MSRTC Mr. Jeevanrao Gore was also graced this event. A separate one-day training for 35 officers of MSRTC was also held here. BK Kavita and BK Rakesha from Mumbai conducting these training sessions.

IDGAH, AGRA, May 2013:

Bro. E V Gireesh, a powerful motivational trainer, facilitated a beautiful session for employees of Uttar Pradesh State Transport Corporation. This event was hosted at the Brahma Kumaris centre at Idgah

Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC):

Regular training programmes are held since year 2004

January 2013: Two training programmes were conducted by the Brahma Kumaris for Driver Training Institute (DTI) which is a joint venture of Ashok Leyland, Delhi Govt, DTC & Traffic departments.

  • The collaboration with DTC dates back to year 2004 wherein DTC hosted several programmes at its depots and training centre under a campaign by Brahma Kumaris on the theme "A Happy & Peaceful Life's Journey".
  • Thereafter, frequent programmes were held on "success through efficient works style, stress management, deaddiction & improving relationships at the DTC training centre.
  • DTC officially deputed its officers for a seminar on "Safety Through SPIRITUALLITY" held at Om Shanti Retreat Centre in 2008.
  • Some senior personnel of DTC have also attended the National Seminar organised by the Transport & Travel Wing of Brahma Kumaris at Gyan Sarovar Academy for a Better World in Mt. Abu.
  • Nearly every year, DTC now invites Brahma Kumaris faculty members to conduct sessions specially on Stress Management and Meditation.

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Andhra Pradesh State Transport Corporation (APSRTC) - Hyderabad

APSRTC employees enjoyed a spiritually and physical rejuvenating time at the special seminar-cum-retreats hosted for them at Shanti Sarovar retreat centre. Since year 2009, such programmes are frequently held to cover batch wise groups from APSRTC. The pure, peaceful and aesthetic surroundings provide the perfect atmosphere for easy relaxation, self reflection and self-development. The glimpses here truly vibrate with the bliss and joy experienced by the participants.