Traffic Police


Self Empowerment Programme for Traffic Police Trainers

18 July 2013: Managing the traffic demands of a growing city like Ahmedabad is not an easy task at all. Recognizing that self-awareness and right thinking is the key to effective performance, a special programme was conducted for the trainers of Ahmedabad's traffic police.

This special three months programme plans to reach out to the traffic police officers, support staff and drivers within the city. This Self-Empowerment programme comprises of a two hour training module mainly covering the theme of empowering the self to effectively manage stress, the practice of meditation and de-addiction. BK Sarla Didi - Gujarat zone in-charge - Brahma Kumaris inaugurated the programme with powerful blessings. BK Nanda and BK Nandini conducted the various sessions. This programme was also attended by Bro. Dinesh Parmar - Traffic DCP and Bro. R.S. Singi - ACP of the Ahmedabad Traffic Police. Every day about 50 new participants will attend these sessions. The talks include powerpoint presentation, video show, value games and question-answer sessions.



Special programmes for commercial vehicle drivers in collaboration with Traffic Police department since 2011

Delhi Traffic Police has frequently invited the Brahma Kumaris faculty members to help their officers and staff relieve stress and enhance inner coping ability. In addition, Delhi traffic police also organized such training programmes for commercial vehicle drivers before issuing / renewing their 'no entry' permissions. A news article on this is reproduced below.
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