The Global Road Safety Week Campaign by Brahma Kumaris titled ‘SaveKidsLives’ completed successfully and Brahma Kumaris worldwide collected great support for this cause. Key highlights of the Brahma Kumaris participation in the campaign have been 85,830 Child declaration supports collected from 73 countries and outreach events which have been reported from 5 countries namely Mauritius, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, Sri Lanka and India.

Kindly find the detailed news here. We trust you will enjoy reading the report, especially watching the art work of children from Kazakhstan!


E-Mail Campaign: Short attractive mailers were designed on road safety specific themes. Each email included five elements: fact/statistic, cartoon graphic, spiritual skill, positive affirmations and video/animation. These emails were mass circulated through HR teams of corporate houses in observance of this global week. A copy of each of the emails is uploaded here.

Short Poems by Children: In synchrony with the GRSW theme ‘Children & Safety’, videos of short poems were developed where kids came together to sing rhymes and demonstrate road safety messages for all. Link to these videos is here.

Road Safety Graphics: To facilitate global outreach through social media, visual messages of the European Cartoon Style were developed. These were created around some fundamental safe practices of helmet use, driving without consumption of alcohol, refrain from use of mobile phones while driving, respecting the traffic lights, not speeding beyond safe limits, refrain from road rage, no overloading of goods carrier, pedestrian safety, etc. Link to these graphics is here.

Video Animations: Five illustrative animations on the theme ‘Havaldar Kadak’ (Policeman Stern) were developed to be shared via online web and social media. These animations have been developed in Hindi, with English sub-titles available. Road Safety themes have been selected for each, namely – Following traffic lights, Seat limit on two wheelers, Use of Seat Belt, Use of Helmet and refrain from use of mobile phones and using the zebra crossing while crossing the roads.These can be viewed here.

Celebrity Messages: Messages by local leaders and popular celebrities were recorded. Alka Yagnik – renowned playback singer in India, Ramdas Kadam – Cabinet Minister for Environment, Govt. of Maharashtra, India, Kunika Lal – Indian TV actor, producer & social activist and others. A child artist – Bhavya Gandhi a.k.a. Tappu from a popular TV serial ‘Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma’ also shared his road safety message. These were shared and will be shared further for inspiring people to follow road rules and support the cause of road safety. These can be viewed here.

Regionwise Programs

Sri Lanka Mauritius Kazakhstan India

Sri Lanka
Road Safety activities were actively witnessed in Sri Lanka with an alarming number of support signatures collected for the #SaveKidsLives campaign.

Representatives from the Brahma Kumaris met the Zonal Directors of Education from various districts in the country and sought their approval and consent for the #SaveKidsLives campaign. A group of 60 active road safety ambassadors reached out to 240 plus schools during the GRSW. All the schools welcomed this initiative and participated with lot of zeal and enthusiasm. Kids and the school staff showed active participation in reading the UN Child declaration at the school assembly and signing for support. It was a good platform to reach out to such an enthusiastic gathering of children who showed tremendous interest for road safety.

Mauritius held several programs during the GRSW for a wider section of public including programs for professionals, public, school children, meditation center and social welfare center. The presentations were attended by key leaders who spoke highly about the initiative and appreciated the efforts. The various activities promoted safe, legal and responsible road use to reduce road casualties.

The Nouvelle Decouverte Social Welfare Centre under the aegis of the Ministry of Social Security, National Solidarity and Reform Institutions organised a half day Workshop on “Road Safety through Self-Transformation and Exhibition on Road Safety” for primary students of the locality, neighbouring organisations and general public at large.

The Programme was launched in the presence of three Ministers namely Hon Mr Pravind Jugnauth, Minister of Technology, Communication and Innovation, Hon (Mrs) Leela Devi Dookun-Luchoomun, Minister of Education and Human Resources, Tertiary Education and Scientific Research, and Hon Mr Yogida Sawmynaden, Minister of Youth and Sport launched the workshop and they addressed the audience with good notes on such an excellent project.

There was a live performance in local language ‘kreol’, a song on ‘sekirite routier’ by the artists of the ‘Celestial Artists Association’. The Declaration ‘SavesKidsLives’ was read by upper primary students of the Nouvelle Découverte Government School.

             The Road Safety Project Co-ordinator from Brahma Kumaris, Mr P K Jagutpal elaborated on issues related to behavioural factors and the need for transforming attitudes, the significance of driving as a responsibility, not a right and the importance of having a peaceful and relaxed state of mind to ensure safe travel. Mr Dev Kumar Kissoon, representative of the Road Traffic Branch (Police), spoke about the legal aspects and necessary precautions for Road Safety. The exhibition on road safety displayed 20 giant charts which were prepared and explained to the children by the Brahma Kumaris. The feedback of the guests and participants was very positive.

National Broadcasting MBC TV, Radio and newspapers successfully covered the programme of the day. This was broadcasted the same day in the TV news bulletin which has built enthusiasm for the Road Safety Week.

Besides this, a presentation on GRSW at Inner Space, Ebene for professionals and public and an Interactive session with students at Hampton School Curepipe were the featured activities in Mauritius.

Kazakhstan activities were focused amongst awareness of road safety especially amongst young children. Three interactive programs were held for kids on road safety concepts thus sowing the seeds of responsible and safe road travel in them.

The kinder-garden children listened carefully to the meaning of the virtues which need to be practiced in life for road safety. Even the children’s parents who were present agreed to be responsible for ensuring the safety of children. Children created thank-you cards with heartfelt safety messages for their parents and also promised to inspire parents to follow safety norms while driving. Children understood responsibility for their own behavior, they realized that their actions can disrupt and affect the emotional state of their parents at the time of driving.

Children created an exhibition of their creative works so that children of some groups could meet with creativeness of others. Due to this campaign the children learned to appreciate and thank the elders for their care. With huge joy the children thanked the drivers of kindergarten’s bus and presented cards with the words “Thank you, Uncle, for a safe journey”.

In the second event, the meetings and lessons were organized for pupils of the sixth grades where the pupils shared their impressions about the present situation of the road safety and created their own statements for the road safety regulation in the form of paintings, cards and short poems.

In the third event, pupils of the age group 7 to 18 years gathered at the art studio of Almaty (Kazakhstan) and discussed some themes about how parents can ensure the safety of children while traveling. The children expressed their feelings and thoughts through their creativity. Pupils of the Art Studio made the thanks giving cards with slogans and wishes and gifted them to drivers.

Group of pupils with signatures of UN Child Declaration A group of young artists with their created posters and paintings for the traveling exhibition

Throughout the week, the pupils collectively created posters, paintings, drawings for the traveling exhibition “Children and road safety”.

Group with signatures of Brahma Kumaris Road Safety Pledge Groups of pupils with created posters and paintings for the traveling exhibition

The collection of creative works of the Art Studio’s pupils was added and completed with painting of children from other schools and then it was presented to several institutions of the city. Thanks to the traveling exhibition of children’s creative works, the society had the opportunity to be aware of the views and opinions of children about the road safety and “hear the voice” of child. Complete art work of children is uploaded here

Activities in India featured diverse events including public outreach, meeting and sharing the road safety initiative with dignitaries and professionals, drawing competitions, rallies, educational talks, collaboration with NGOs, social media campaign; each event encouraging citizens to sign the child declaration.

Public Outreach: The GRSW activities in India comprised of outreach to the masses at public places like Mumbai Suburban railway stations (Borivali, Kandivali and Malad), at parks and gardens, at petrol pumps, besides reaching out to schools, colleges, educational institutes and other social groups. At some locations, children read out the child declaration, thus increasing the impact percentage (Jogeshwari event).

Borivali Railway Station, Mumbai Petrol Pump at Kandivali, Mumbai

Collaborations: Brahma Kumaris joined a collaborated event with Western India Automobile Association (WIAA) at B. D. Somani International School (Cuffe Parade, Mumbai) where approximately 500 children received road safety tips. In another event in collaboration with WIAA and FIA a drawing competition was organized for kids at the Child Observation Center in Mumbai.

Dignitaries and Professionals: Reaching out to the leaders and their signing the declaration brings more attention to Road Safety. At a meeting with the Hon’ble Governor of Maharashtra Mr. C. Vidyasagar, he was apprised of Brahma Kumaris participation in the ‘SaveKidsLives’ project, and he willingly signed the declaration form. Support signatures were also obtained from leading stakeholders such as Mr. Pratap Dighavkar DCP (Traffic) Mumbai, Mr. Edil J. Katrak President, Western India Automobile Association (WIAA), Mr. Nitin Dossa Executive Chairman of WIAA, Mr. S. Panigrahy, National Head, TATA Motors, etc.

At an exclusive gathering of more than 150 advocates from Mumbai, the #SaveKidsLives Campaign was shared and almost everybody supported it and also signed the declaration. The Chief Guest Mr. S. Datir Metropolitan Magistrate – Andheri Court and Guest of Honor Ms.Anita Bafna, Advocate-on-Record, Supreme Court of India also signed and encouraged this global initiative. Video of reading the child declaration at the event can be viewed here.

Social Media Campaign: An active social media campaign was run throughout the GRSW where daily road safety statistical facts, spiritual tips, positive affirmations and video for the day were shared to spread awareness. The email campaign designed for the week was promptly circulated to mailing lists of organizations like CholaMangalam Group, TATA Motors, Wadhwa Developers, Ekta World, Western Indian Automobile Association, etc. The seven emails designed for the week can be viewed here.

In the various road safety messages shared through the social media, readers were encouraged to read the UN Child declaration and sign it online. In addition to the 11 languages in which the Child declaration has been made available by the UN, the declaration was also translated in Hindi language for wider reach in several parts of India.

Drawing Competitions: Brahma Kumaris organized drawing competitions on road safety themes and also shared basic insights on road safe practices with the participating children.

Rallies: City of Vishakhapatnam held rallies and talks with various stakeholders in transportation sector and also amongst social groups inspiring all to adopt safer road practices.

Educational Programs: Many educational programs, especially for children were organized during the week. One such example is the Electronic City in Bangalore held programs at educational institute, charitable trust and meditation center for safer road safety awareness. Similar programs were conducted in other cities like Rajkot, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Ahmedabad.

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